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Garnier Ultra Lift Anti Age Eye Tissue Sheet Mask | Beauty & Skincare Network

Claims: Garnier Anti-Age Hyaluronic Acid Eye Sheet Mask this mask is perfect if fine lines start to appear around your eyes & your eye contours start to look tired and dull. This tissue mask leaves fine lines visibly smooth & firms the appearance of eye contours.

Ingredients: Garnier Anti-Age Hyaluronic Acid Eye Sheet tissue mask is infused with an ultra-light hydrating and refreshing formula, enriched with green tea extract and hyaluronic acid. It intensely hydrates, smooths eye contours and reduces the appearance of crow's feet fine lines. Your eye area will feel re-plumped and tighter.

Skin cooling effect: -4°c temperature decrease* on skin after use. For an extra-icy sensation, keep in the fridge.

Garnier Anti-Age Hyaluronic Acid Eye Sheet Mask is great for exhausted and drained looking eye contours, crow's feet and fine lines. All of which I myself am a victim of. The Garnier Ultra Lift Eye Tissue Mask worked wonders, it instantly treated the problem areas by smoothing and firming, and left it looking visibly refreshed, hydrated and tighter. Before use, I placed the tissue mask pack in the fridge.

The initial thing I noticed after opening and removing these masks from the packet was, they are bigger than normal. The strips are much larger so it gives good coverage and this just makes them easier to apply and get into the right spots around each eye. They do slide along very easily to get them where you need them. I then took out the cold patches and placed them on the problem zones, for the recommended time of 15 minutes.

The chilling effect after the application is lovely. (But I'm just not sure if some will be brave enough to try keeping these in the fridge as suggested) In spite of that, I found the cold mask very soothing and comforting. The package states to apply and then you can rub in the excess after removing. After I removed the patches, I realized that the package contained so much of the serum that I could do that for the rest of my face and gently massaged the treated areas with the formula left on my skin from the patches.

Initially, I didn't notice much, but a couple of days later my skin certainly is looking a lot more radiant and smoother, my dark circles are definitely not as dark and hydrated. It shows more improvement in the following days. The effect on fine lines was noticeable as well. They were definitely softened. I noticed how fresh my eyes felt and how sparkly they look. The ingredients such as green tea and hyaluronic acid have both soothing and moisturizing effects and truly helps with those fine lines around the eyes. These are great to help give me a little lift and a boost to make me feel more normal again.

This is also recommended if you suffer with really bad hay fever which means your eyes will be constantly bleary and itchy and using this eye mask might make you feel so much better. The cooling effect makes the eyes less irritated and pampered.

I wouldn't hesitate to grab a couple more of these as my skin felt super nice for days after. I would definitely recommend them if you need a lift, a great treat for tired eyes.

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